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When using these photos please use the reference: "Photograph: Jochen Kranz".

Pictures of the total eclipse 1999 in Garching by Munich
Sofi1 Sofi2 Sofi3
Sun and Clouds (44 kB) Protuberances (48 kB) Corona (54 kB)
Sofi4 Sofi5 Sofi6
Perls (69 kB) Diamant ring (43 kB) Blue Sun (71 kB)
Crater Still life Hamburg
Pseudo crater on Iceland (60 kB) Still life (35 kB) Hamburg (22 kB)
Susi Susi Susi
Susi (32 kB) Susi (27 kB) Susi (27 kB)
These photos were taken on at the lesson "Expeditions to the light" ("Expeditionen zum Licht") at the Bildungszentrum Nürnberg. Teacher: Harry Leykauf. Model: Susi Ullerich.
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