Dr.-Ing. Jochen Kranz


Curriculum vitae

1968 born in Nuremberg
1975-1979 Primary school in Nuremberg
1979-1988 Gymnasium in Nuremberg
1988 School-leaving examination
1988-1989 Military service in Bruchsal und Roth
1989-1994 Study of electrical engineering (micro electronics) in Erlangen
1994 Diploma degree
1994-2001 scientific assistant at the Chair for Optics of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg
2001 PhD (Dr.-Ing.)
since 04/2001 Development engineer at the Basler AG, Ahrensburg

English and French

Computer languages
BASIC, TurboPascal, C, HTML

Practical training during the study
1989 8 weeks basic praktical training with Siemens
1993 9 weeks special practical training with Siemens
1991-1993 4 semester assistant teacher at the Institute for applied Mathematics of the University


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